Research & Development

Kesling & Rocke Group research and development keeps us at the forefront of discovery and extends the most current knowledge to our patients.

Research is the part of the way the Kesling and Rocke group practices orthodontics. Our research inspires new techniques and appliances that help improve patient care.

Our research milestones include:

  • Over seventy U.S. and foreign patents for improved orthodontic appliances have been awarded to members of the Kesling & Rocke Group.
  • Indirect bonding - a means to quickly and accurately place appliances on the teeth.
  • First to develop "invisible braces" by designing clear brackets and bonding them directly to the teeth.
  • Major contributions to the development of the diffrential tooth movement and related appliances which eliminate the need for patients to wear headger.

The records of a patient treated by the Kesling and Rocke Group have the unique honor of being on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

The Kesling and Rocke Orthodontic Group pioneered the art of orthodontic time lapse photography in the early 1960's. A time lapse film of the complete treatment of a patient is available for viewing upon request.

Large models and Cad-Cam drawings are made of orthodontics appliances developed by our doctors.