Office History

Kesling and Rocke Roots

The Kesling and Rocke Orthodontic Group was created in 1934 when Dr. Robert A. Rocke joined Dr. H. D. Kesling in his practice in LaPorte, Indiana.  Several years earlier Dr. Kesling had built an office building from fieldstones he had collected from the surrounding countryside.

Since that time, the practice has remained a leader in providing quality orthodontic treatment as well as in the research and development of advanced orthodontic appliances and techniques.

As the practice grew and patients were drawn from an ever enlarging area, the "Orthodontic Center" was created in 1958 on a 200-acre site  near the intersection of the Indian Toll Road and Highway 421.  The facility also houses TP Orthodontics, a company founded by Dr. H. D. Kesling in 1943 to supply appliances to other orthodontists.

Today the practice remains committed to maintaining an overall standard of excellence in all facets of orthodontic health care and, most importantly, in the quality of treatment provided to all patients.

Built during the depression of the 1930’s by Dr. H.D. Kesling, this building was located next to his first dental office in La Porte, Indiana. Originally a workshop/garage, it was converted into a dental lab in which TP Orthodontics was founded in 1943. The building was relocated to the Orthodontic Center in the 1980’s. The interior has been retrofitted with the original office and the lab equipment used by Dr. Kesling.

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